June 7, 2023

Reasons for Vibration and Noise of Long Shaft Immersion Pumps


Long-shaft immersion pumps are widely used for transporting low-lying liquids and have been applied in various fields. However, there are also some drawbacks. One of them is that they often produce significant vibration and noise during operation. There are several reasons for the noise and vibration of long-shaft immersion pumps:

  1. Bearing damage is one of the causes of vibration. It can be carefully identified and solved by replacing the new bearings.
  2. Large deviation of impeller axial clearance can also cause vibration and noise.
  3. The quality of the pump and other aspects, such as the unreasonable design of the water inlet channel, leads to a deterioration in the water intake condition and generates vortices. This will cause the vibration of the long-shaft immersion pump. Uneven subsidence of the foundation supporting the pump and motor can also cause vibration.
  4. Cavitation of the immersion pump and sudden changes in pressure inside the delivery pipeline can also cause vibration and noise.
  5. The mechanical aspect includes unbalanced rotating parts, poor quality manufacturing and installation, asymmetrical shaft lines, excessive deflection, poor mechanical strength and stiffness of parts, and damage to bearings and sealing components. All these factors can produce strong vibrations.
  6. Electrical factors, such as internal imbalances or system malfunctions of the motor, often cause vibration and noise.

Only by eliminating these factors one by one can the root cause be found and the problem solved fundamentally. If you have any questions or problems that you cannot solve, please feel free to consult us.