June 6, 2023

Conveying Mediums using G-Type Single Screw Pump


G-type single screw pumps can transport various viscosity liquids, especially thick and difficult-to-convey mediums. They can also transport liquids with varying degrees of concentration and dehydrated solids, as well as liquids containing solid particles, fibers, and suspended matter. Additionally, they can handle mixtures of liquids, gases, solids, and sensitive liquids that cannot be stirred, sheared, or plundered. They are also suitable for handling corrosive liquids.

Working Characteristics of G-Type Single Screw Pump

G-type single screw pumps have a wide range of applications and can transport any fluid medium, even non-flowing materials. They have stable flow rates and pressure without pulsation. The output flow rate can be changed by adjusting the rotational speed, making it suitable for metering and dosing. They have strong suction capacity, low working noise, no leakage, and no temperature rise.

Selection of Single Screw Pump

Correct selection is the key to achieving the best results. To meet the operating requirements of mediums with different physical and chemical properties, we recommend that users provide pump operating data, which will be used by our professional staff to recommend the appropriate pump model. The final decision will be made by the user.

The main operating data required for selection include:

  • Name of the conveyed medium, including its corrosiveness, abrasiveness, viscosity, solid content, and operating temperature.
  • Operating parameters include flow rate or flow rate range, maximum pressure, and continuous or intermittent operation.
  • Installation environment, including horizontal or vertical orientation, fixed or mobile installation, special requirements for connecting pipelines, and explosion-proof protection requirements.