June 6, 2023

Conveying Mediums using G-Type Single Screw Pump

G-type single screw pumps can transport various viscosity liquids, especially thick and difficult-to-convey mediums. They can also transport liquids with varying degrees of concentration and dehydrated solids, as well as liquids containing solid particles, fibers, and suspended matter. Additionally, they can handle mixtures of liquids, gases, solids, and sensitive liquids that cannot be stirred, sheared,…

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Installation, Disassembly, and Use Guidelines for Stainless Steel Submerged Pump

Classification of stainless steel submerged pumps can be divided into two types: new type, suitable for conveying flammable and explosive lightweight materials, with features such as maintenance-free, zero zone use, and low energy consumption; submerged pump, suitable for conveying unclean liquids with solid particles and short fibers, with features such as clog-free and high-temperature resistance.…

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