June 6, 2023

Assembly Requirements and Steps for Chemical Centrifugal Pump


Chemical centrifugal pumps are commonly used in industrial production as chemical water pumps. The main components of a chemical centrifugal pump are the pump casing, impeller, mechanical seal, bearings, coupling, etc. Of course, seals, gaskets, and other parts cannot be ignored. What are the requirements for each component during the assembly process of a chemical centrifugal pump, and how is the assembly process carried out?

  • Cleaning

The parts must be inspected and approved, and the material codes must comply with the drawing requirements. The surface must be cleaned and the mating surfaces should be coated with machine oil. The bearing box must be cleaned and coated with oil-resistant magnetic paint and then left to dry naturally for 24 hours. After passing inspection, the parts can be assembled.

  • Requirements for Assembly and Total Assembly
  1. Do not directly hit the key and bearing during assembly with a hammer; use a wooden hammer, copper rod, or special assembly tool for assembly.
  2. When the inner diameter of the bearing is in an interference fit of r6 or s6, it should be installed with heat, with a temperature of 80-120℃
  3. The double-headed bolts and the mating end of the mother body must be coated with dry oil, and the length of the bolts should be consistent and tightened evenly.
  4. During the assembly process, it is strictly prohibited to scratch the surface of the parts, especially the mating and sealing surfaces, in order to avoid affecting the assembly quality.