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Model selection reference


Flow requirements

Know the flow requirements of the liquid or gas that needs to be pumped in order to select the appropriate pump to meet the requirements.


Head requirements

The head refers to the sum of the distance and resistance of the liquid from the suction port of the pump to the discharge port. Choose the appropriate pump according to the specific head requirements.


Temperature and pressure

It is necessary to know the temperature and pressure of the liquid or gas being pumped in order to select the appropriate pump.


Physical and chemical properties

It is necessary to understand the physical and chemical properties of the pumped liquid or gas, such as viscosity, density, pH, etc., in order to choose a suitable pump.

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FSB -Fluorine plastic centrifugal pump
FYS series fluoroplastic acid-resistant pump
WFB sealless non-seal vertical self-suction high-pressure pump
IHG stainless steel pipeline centrifugal pump
G series sludge screw pump

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